Women's Individual over 15 km

30. 1. 2014

Audrey Vaillancourt gives Canada historic gold medal

Audrey Vaillancourt is the first Canadian taking a gold medal in OECH and the first female Canadian climbing on top of  podium after 20 years! What an irony since Audrey has not been selected for Olympic Games in Sochi!

Zakhna, Alekhin, Tyschenko - the Junior men Individual medallists.

29. 1. 2014

Rene Zahkna gives Estonia gold medal!

Rene Zahkna of Estonia after his medals in last season’s YJWCH at Obertilliach in youth category, he won in 15km individual juniors today in European Championships. Rene was the best shooter among all with only 1 error, despite the fact that he was the 6th fastest among all.

Anastasia Evsyunina took gold.

29. 1. 2014

Anastasia Evsyunina of Russia triumphs in 12.5km individual

In a race with no wind but with heavy fog, shooting proved to be very difficult for junior ladies in 12.5 km individual at Nove Mesto…. difficult for all.. apart of one Anastasia Evsyunina of Russia who has managed to finish with clean shooting and to triumph over her rivals for the gold medal!

Fabien Claude (FRA)

29. 1. 2014

Frenchmen Claude a Begue favourites for today’s junior event

Two French junior Aristide Begue and Fabian Claude belong to the group of main favourites for Wednesday’s junior Individual event over 15 km at the Open Europen Championships in Nové Město na Moravě.

Jiří Hamza

28. 1. 2014

Hamza: EC is second most prestigious event

"The Open European Championships is biathlon’s second most prestigious event. It is a step down compared to last year’s World Championships, but it was clear to us that we would not have a World Cup event this season back in 2010 already. The event calendar is always designated well in advance,” said the chairman of the organizing committee Jiří Hamza at the press conference in Jihlava.

Fanny Horn

27. 1. 2014

Germany’s GRAF and Norwegian HORN TOP Favourites for European Champs

The upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi make the world’s best biathletes prefer training to racing at the European Championships on the Vysočina highland. Yet, the start field still includes some very strong names with several solid World Cup results.


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