Start of the men's Relay.

4. 2. 2014

Excellent Austrian team on top

Austrian team with Lorenz Waeger, Michael Reiter, Peter Brunner and David Komatz won the gold medal in men’s relay at Nove Mesto ! 

Teams march-in for Women's Relay flower ceremony

4. 2. 2014

Fantastic Kalina gives Belarus gold in women’s relay

Belarusia won today an exciting race in women’s relay in European Championships at Nove Mesto. 5 teams (Russia, Germany, France, Norway and Belarusia) were taking from each other the lead till shooting 7 in 4th leg. 

Start of Junior Mixed Relay

3. 2. 2014

Ukraine over Russia in Junior’s Mixed Relay

Ukrainian team with no penalty loops and with 12 errors in shooting has managed an amazing victory over Russia in junior’s mixed relay in European Championships at Nove Mesto. 


Men Pursuit podium with Tsvetkov on top.

2. 2. 2014

Tsvetkov takes gold, finally

Maxim Tsvetkov with a fantastic 95% in shooting has cruised to victory in men’s pursuit of European Championships at Nove Mesto. tside the extended podium.

Women's 1st prone shooting.

2. 2. 2014

Mona Brorsson gives gold to Sweden

Mona Brorsson of Sweden with almost the best pursuit race (she was 2nd behind Podchufarova by 1.1″) won the women’s pursuit in European Championships at Nove Mesto and gave a loud slap to Swedish Olympic Committee which refused to send Swedish female team to Sochi. 

1. 2. 2014

Lars Hegle Birkeland gives Norway 2nd gold

Lars Hegle Birkeland won sprint’s European title today and matched Olsbu’s victory in women’s. Lars Hegle was perfect in shooting and despite the fact that he was the 6th best on track has managed gold medal. 


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